Wednesday, 5 September 2012

6.1 Evaluate how own knowledge and skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT impact on practice 6.2 Develop a plan for improving own knowledge, understanding and skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT

I believe I know how to find information from books and know how to use the internet to find information also I believe I could look things up in magazines.  I occasionally take notes although could improve on the notes I make. I believe I am confident in feeding back information to the teacher I am working with. I am happy to write information for others although could give more detail in what I write. I have in the past kept a workplace diary although have not been able to keep it going this is something I could aim to do this year. I believe I can read with expression and at the end of last year I was beginning to put this to use reading to the class after playtimes on the odd occasion. I always do my best to listen to others but struggle with tasks with more than one aspect to them. I could definitely improve on my spelling ability I often get mixed up with "ie" words often putting it as "ei". I am normally confident when writing myself but become doubtful when questioned on my spelling.
As for maths this is a subject in which I am confident in my own ability as it was something I had a better understanding of when I was at school. Also the logical way that maths build on what you already know definitely suits me well. I know the steps to learning a mathematical problem is first to hear and use the correct vocabulary then to see it shown physically with counters or soft cuddly toys, next is to apply to different situations, then after all of this the child can start to use the abstract symbols for example +,= etc. Once all of this has been achieved the t.a. or teacher can look to explain the problem to the t.a or the teacher. Then Finally after all of this the child should be able to teach the skill to someone else therefore showing a complete understanding of the skill itself. I understand how to draw graphs and produce other styles of displaying information and believe I could help a child to achieve this as well. I also am clear on the importance of visual aids in helping with the learning of numeracy. As for different methods of calculation I am clear on how to use number lines, how to use the grid method and how to perform chunking. If a child was struggling with a task I believe I could break the task down in to easier simple tasks. I am confident with most mathematical language and normally find that that of which I am uncertain of normally is something I am aware of once I see it in use. I normally have a preferred method for remembering number facts but will try my best if having to show something in a way I personally may not use. I believe I can double numbers, round numbers and perform estimates. Finally where as with literacy I may not be confident in all aspects of the subject I believe I am more willing with maths and also am confident even when I may be helping older years in this subject.
I will now evaluate my ability in ICT. I have found that my ability in ICT has improved over time as at first I was not confident in this area.I can log on and off at at both the school and college I can open programs and save and retrieve work when and where necessary. Also I can use email which I often do to communicate with my tutor. I understand about health and safety related to using computers not just thinking about unsafe cables but also computer ergonomics and e safety etc. I am aware of how to produce graphs and have a level two in functional skills i.c.t although am not necessarily always aware of how the programmes the children are using work. I believe I am able to solve problems related to I.C.T to a certain extent although can't always understand the problem. For example I was asked to take a group in the I.C.T suite to use a program on the internet this program involved a separate log in and I had logged in to the program on a separate occasion so felt confident I could do this. Although when we came to the log in page the section where the i.d and password should be was just blank. I then decided to use a different programme and told the teacher I was working with later on. I am confident with printing documents although am cautious when determining the number being printed. Also I am confident with straight forward photocopying although struggle with enlarging or manipulating the image.              


  1. Thanks, you really saved me here,I had no idea what I was going to write for this outcome and after reading what you had written i just started typing and wow it was better than expected. Its amazing how much information I had stored in my head.... So thank you once again..

  2. Thank you so much! I had writers block for so long over this question. After reading yours I was finally able to find something to write! Great, really helped :-)